National Youth multicultural and Arts Celebration



GTCIF is honored to receive the Gold Award of Cultural & Arts Category

Silk Road Award, EXPO 2017 Astana 


With Head Quarter of Organizing Committee located in Shanghai ,China Melbourne ,Australia, Milan, Italy and Vancouver, Canada. Global Twin-City International Festival (GTCIF) has a mission to construct a platform of multi-culture, art and design, as well as high technology, for training of potential talented scientists, musicians, designers, performers and stylists, etc. internationally.




About the Twin-city Festival

Melbourne International Festival, which began in 1986, is one of the most important Arts Festival in the world, it also has various arts and cultural activities and becoming the leading celebration of Australia.


as the collaboration of Melbourne and Shanghai, it sponsored a comprehensive feast that including world class design, branding, fashion, music, dancing, etc.

The project of GLOBAL TWIN-CITY INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL has been launched in Melbourne, Dubai, Sydney, Vancouver, Milan, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur, which all establish a partnership with Shanghai.


The winner and their art work of GTCIF contest will be exposed and promoted through thousands of media during the second season of the Global Talent Awards in Australia (Melbourne, Victoria),at the beginning of February 2019. What’s more, the outstanding winners will have the chance of being invited to attend this award.



National Youth multicultural Arts Festival is a deep-rooted and global (China, Italy, Australia, Europe, etc.) artistic activity which aimed to cultivate artistic accomplishment and creative ability of children so as to create a healthy, standardized ,orderly environment and promote the comprehensive development of young people.

GTCIF’s new support program targets at college students, teenagers and children.The activity is divided into two seasons: the first season is National Youth multicultural and Arts Celebration in China (Shanghai); the second season is Global Talent Awards in Australian (Victoria Melbourne).

Contest Organization:

Event Hosts:

(GTCIF)Organizing committee of Global Twin-city International Festival


 Special support unit:Asia Song Festival

Support unit:

Melbourne Town Hall

National Education Alliance (CEA)

Art Channel iQIYI


BEST( Art Center)


Honour Destiny Pty


The University of Melbourne(Melbourne, Australia)

Donghua University(China)

School of Design, East China Normal University(China)

Media Partners:

ABC  Seven  TVS,, Shanghai Television Station, XingShang, China Business Network Co.,Ltd. Xinmin Weekly, the Bund, Sina, Netease,, Shanghai Guancha, The Paper. cn,, Life Weekly,,,, Visual China Group,, CEO Lives,, etc. September 20, 2016, announced an investment of 1 billion yuan to subsidize short video creation. mobile social networking platform that gathers famous stars, popular artists and hot online celebrity.

XingShang: Full media support,including interviews,video play, etc.

iQIYI.COM: It’s not only a large-scale website but also a professional network broadcasting platform for massive, high-quality network video.

Enrolment Details:

Target Candidates: University Institutions, kindergarten, primary school, children’s palace, public or private children’s art school, children’s art troupe from all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), city (county) of China and overseas arts groups are all qualified.But the age of contestant is limited under 16.

Entries requirements:

1, Form: Individual or group performances(at least three person).

Dance (hip hop, Latin dance, ballet, Chinese Dance)

Instrumental music, vocal music, language performance, martial arts, tae kwon do, opera, folk music, acrobatics, model show, singing, etc.

2,Theme: The theme should have positive thoughts, various topics, creative ideas, and spirit of the times, stressing the contemporary elegance and pursue aesthetically. It will be better if the work is focused on childlike innocence, embodies the core values of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese dream.

3,Time limit:No more than 5 minutes.

4,Remarks:Original creations including art works created after June 2015 or programs that have not yet participated in national performances are encouraged, if not, you can also enter the activity by learning from excellent art works or classroom extensions.

Date: November 24, 2018

Place: Jingjingtang theatre, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Consultation: Ms. Sun Tel:18375612133 / Ms. Li Tel: 15000298916

Judging standards:

“Judges” are appointed by Organizing committee of Global Twin-city International Festival in accordance with the principles of fairness and impartiality.

The final result will be decided by both the professional judges and the audience.

Scoring rules(professional judges):

  • The arrangement is novel, complete, regular and orderly. The theme is healthy and has the characteristics of the times.(3 points)
  • Actors have effective expressiveness, the art work is full of strong visual picture appeal and visual impact, can produce strong resonance with the audience.(3 points)
  • Performers have good stage manners, smooth movements, sense of rhythm and could handle emergencies properly.(2 points)
  • The work has regional characteristics and outstanding style.(0.5 points)
  • Clothes match the form and theme of performance.(1.5 points)
  • Extra points for the original work.(0.5 points)

Remarks:The sixth rule is determined by organizing committee, not the judges.

Scoring rules(public judges):

  • Completeness of arrangement, standard degree of movements.
  • Good expression of actors, appeal and the eye impulsive force of art work.
  • Good stage manners, smooth movements, performer has full sense of rhythm and could handle emergencies properly.

According to these rules, the award of “Global Star”, “Asia Pacific Star” and “Asia Star” will be selected and issued the certification. The guide teacher and recommendation unit of “Global Star” will be honored with “Excellent Guide Teacher Award” and “Best Organization Award”, and the recommendation unit could be qualified for GTCIF international academic exchange. We’ll also select some special honorary awards, such as “Best Creative Award”, “Best Performance Award” and “Best Organizational Award” according to the live performance.All awards above will be given jointly by organizing committee of Global Twin-city International Festival(GTCIF), Asia Song Festival and Shanghai BEST International Cultural Exchange Center.